Monday, April 13, 2009

What is hidden underneath the surface?

In poetry there is often more hidden under the surface than you will ever find out in the open, and in fact this is part of what makes great poetry great. The metaphysical poets used this centuries ago when they wrote poems they were sure only others within their group would understand. We read them now and get a lot of what they were saying but we have history and hindsight to assist us.

The metaphysical poets did this as an elitist act but poets like myself are not so ego driven. We do it for the sake of the poem, the poet and the reader, not to mention for the sake of the art itself. Over the next few days I'd like to explore some of this poetry and maybe even look into the spiritual side of my poetry as well. It is always there, underlying the words but oft' times hidden from view. Sometimes we learn more from the search than we do from the words themselves though and this is when we enjoy the poetry to its fullest extent.

The poems will be along soon (they are not hidden, they are just yet to be selected).


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