Sunday, May 31, 2009

The poetry workshop is under way

The first in a series of very interesting workshops has begun today at and it just so happens it is a poetry workshop

These workshops are being run jointly between myself and The New Author Website and they will span a wide range areas over the next few months. I encourage all poets to take a look, participate in as many as you can , learn as much as you from the group and from any guest presenters we hope to have from time to time, and enjoy the experience.

Poetry is not something we choose, it chooses us, but it is something we can master..

Good luck and great writing.


Sunday, May 3, 2009


To write well we need to know ourselves better than mere mortals know themselves, and then we need to be able take that knowledge and paint a picture with the words it creates.


To know myself
what I am capable of
I must look inside my soul,
my mind,
my heart.
What lays in wait below the surface,
beyond the facade?
What rules me,
good, evil,
Which thoughts can I bring to life?
What am I strong enough to suppress?
What truth drives me?
What animal lurks within?
How great can I be?
Will history recall?

© Bernard J Rossi