Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Nature's Memories

A stream trickles where a river once raged,
Majestic trees and little shrubs watch time pass.
Cliffs surround the scene in towering glory
Hard and cold yet somehow comforting.
Birds chatter and flit about inquisitively
Watching insects float on still lagoons.
On a single rock amid this tranquil scene
Nature unfurls its most amazing wings
Then as cooling waters shared so deeply,
Wash over the tingling aftermath
Unspoken promises that life composes
Are etched in that stone forever more

© Bernard J Rossi

Monday, February 23, 2009

The Best Job in the World

This is not a poetry post and I promise non poetry posts will not happen often.

I applied for this job and now I need your help. You may wonder why when there is only a little over 30,000 applicants last I looked, so why wouldn’t they pick me? I like a challenge. Anyway, there are two ways to get into the last eleven applicants. The first is through the natural selection process of the video and other information you can provide on the first go round (very scant but I am ingenious) and the second is through a popularity poll, and that’s where you come in.

For those who are happy to help, go to this link, and watch the video then rate it high, very high. It may take a while to load. You can also try this button below

Pass on to your friends if you are happy to.

Thanks to all


Sunday, February 22, 2009

The Reef

Good morning all, I thought I'd start the week by posting (one of) my newest poem. This is something I wrote on the weekend to go with my application for the best job in the world. If you haven't heard about that yet, become a following of this blog and you'll lots more about it in the next few weeks! This is still in work and the version that went with my video application for the job is very different, but I thought we could go with the long version on a Monday.

Let me know what you think of this, and all my poetry. If you want to read more of my poetry visit me at

The Reef

Come to me when you need me
When life is tired and bland
Allow my sun to heal your wounds
Then take your lover’s hand

Let my water splash upon your feet
Bury your toes in my golden sand
Throw your heart upon my breeze
Then take your lover’s hand

Consider all I have to offer
I give it to you on command
Feast on all your hungry desire
Then take your lover’s hand

Let your hair fall down your back
Naked, oiled and tanned
Lay upon a secluded beach
And take your lover’s hand

Swim in my sparkling waters
Dance upon my wicked land
Listen to the poet’s wind
Caressed by your lover’s hand

Forget about a life back home
And the work you had planned
Leave uniforms and stress behind
And take your lover’s hand

Play in a million oceans
Be indulged by nature grand
Give in to life’s great sins
When you take your lover’s hand

Love here is not an added option,
It grab’s you without demand
Relax as it embraces your soul
Then take your lover’s hand

Take your lover’s hand
Take your lover’s hand
I am Australia’s mighty reef
Come, and take your lover’s hand

© Bernard J Rossi

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Fireworks from the hill

Fireworks from the hill

Pop, pop,
Distant, ever distant
Colours fantastic, glittering, shimmering
The sound arrives late

Silent beauty
Distant, ever distant
Low lights, high lights, fountains of fire
Bursts of colour raining

Bright lights, paparazzi
Cameras flashing
Fountains of gold flowing
Distant, ever distant

Light green, bright green, golden flash
Vibrant reds highlight
Images of people smiling
Distant, ever distant

Bright white flashes
Gun smoke drifting, silent
Distant, ever distant
The sound arrives late

Sweet bitterness
Watching beauty, alone
Distant, ever distant
Thinking of you

Distant, ever distant

© Bernard J Rossi