Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Alone in the crowd

Welcome to my newest poetry genre. In line with wanting to put a lot of variety onto my blog I have ventured into the world of picture poetry and I will be posting one or two of these a week. These are pictures I have taken but if anyone out there wants to send me a photo they would like me to put poetry to I would be thrilled to do that and post it here. You can send photos to me through my website, or email to

Now for today's offering, which I have called Alone it the crowd. You can click on the photo to get a larger view (I think!)

Sometimes I feel alone
One of a kind
A different species to everyone else around me
And I am in danger of being engulfed
By early morning mists
While others watch on unconcerned
I remain barely above the water
Hoping to stay dry
At least until it is time to eat
Afraid to put my toe in the water
In case the others see my weakness
My mouth seems to hang down
Resting on my chest
Particularly on my worst days
Yet somehow I remain afloat
Something keeps me just above the surface
Holding me out of harms way
Allowing me to rest until I am ready
Until I can take off once more

I know I can fly
Some days the mist keeps me grounded though
As I wait for another like me
To stand beside me
And make this picture perfect

© Bernard J Rossi


  1. Bernard, I'm so glad you visited my blog (The Lodestarre: Finding Emmaus")and commented. I just love this poem - it's as though you'd gotten into my head!

    I'd be delighted and honored if you'd become a follower - I certainly intend to do that here. I'm always so envious of poets - I can't do it, so I'm always impressed by those who can.


  2. Thanks Pamela, I will become a follower on your site and I would love to have you here as a follower


  3. I enjoyed reading the picture poetry i think that is a great idea i will have to try it.
    Do you study the picture well before you start and then write? or do you keep the picture in front of you until you are done, or both.

    you have another follower.

  4. Armando, glad to have you on board. I study the photo first and then write the poem but I do have it handy in case I want to check anything. I did one of these online once while people watched. The photo was supplied by one of the people online at the time so I had 5 minutes to study it and write the poem. It ended up an epic story type poem! I will have another picture poem up by the end of the day I hope.