Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Tales of a Camper

I met a man named Didge one afternoon in a National Park. He talked, he listened, he took an interest in my poetry and he inspired this little musing. Until we meet again mate, take care. Bernie and Joy

As worlds collide, and so they must
Amid a turmoil of earthly dust
Covered completely in camping dust
In the elements and God we trust

To meet like us, a weary soul
Striving for that same great goal
A rare plant on a scrubby knoll
A mighty fish patrolling a shoal

The traveller’s tales, wild and grand
From snowy peaks to ocean sand
From foreign shores to our home land
He sailed a yacht with a single hand

Adventures, he had seem them all
Never stepping backward lest he fall
With his campfire flames burning tall
As his adventurous tales enthrall

Food from the can was the bushman’s fare
Burnt in a fry pan in the cool night air
Never stopping once to catch our stare
But into the flames, he trained his glare

There was nowhere he had not been
Nothing in the world he had not seen
Everywhere he went he’d created a scene
I recall one time in front of the Queen

A nice bloke we were proud to meet
Clever in wit, and fast on his feet
Every tale regaled as a wonderful treat
Our mate Didge, one of the elite

© Bernard J Rossi

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