Sunday, March 29, 2009

No Fear of Death

Most of my poems that I have shared so far are positive and uplifting or talk of the beauty that life presents us with everyday. That is the world I like to live in but there is another reality that reaches out to touch us from time to time as well and I have written many darker poems in this hours when things were less than ideal. This one is very old and was written at a time of great difficulty for me. I am not sure if anyone will find it to their liking but for some reason I felt the need to share a few darker poems this. I promise to get back to my usual headspace next week!

He calls for me, the time is nigh
A strange thought this last breath
Will I float or will I fly
Afraid to pass from life to death
No need it would seem to I

Above my loin dropped four
Over all of them I’m freed
Enjoy life now I have gone before
New generations to seed
And I, a spectator forever more

Should it be my place to worry?
Capable? I am sure they are
He calls yet I am in no hurry
Eternal light through a door ajar
Into its healing power should I scurry?

Face my fate and accept the call
Leave behind this world, this Maya
My only fear that I might fall
A reflection warranted prior
Pray for a moment, one chance to stall

Only until I have time to explain
My past was not always dedication
To my caller, though not for my gain
For pleasure now not fear, just trepidation
That I may have earned his great disdain

Afraid of my fate? No I am not
Here in this world at least
Never wanting to experience hot
The uncaring world of the beast
But to live forever where pain cannot

© Bernard J Rossi

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