Monday, March 2, 2009

Just a thought

What causes a woman to ruminate
When by all accounts she is content?
Should he assume her mind is pure
And with all her wishes consent?

In all his writings should he rubricate
If that were the object of her pleasure?
How does he know of her happiness
And what would he use for a measure?

“I want to see you, but please be late”
She utters with enormous sincerity
“Or better still, don’t come at all”
She proffers with great celerity

Suddenly it is he who is left to cogitate
And think through a maze with no escape
Might the only solution to the quandary be
To create a visual image of her inscape

Or perhaps just a simple tête-à-tête
Would see the resolution of the dilemma
Neither confrontations nor battles of wills
Nothing to make his poor knees tremor

Perhaps now its time that she reiterate
Is a woman ruled by heart or mind?
‘Cos in my experience it is the former
As it is with men I think you’ll find

© Bernard J Rossi


  1. I had to comment on this one, a wonderful story and the complexity of both men and women appear to, as you say merge as one thought on many levels within time.


  2. A.J. thanks for the comment, I enjoy hearing what people think about my work(good and bad) and coming from you this is welcome praise indeed