Thursday, June 25, 2009

No agenda and no friends

Sometimes life does not work out as we plan, and rather than dwell we write. Humour can often soften the blow.

I had no intention of coming

There were things to do
Holiday packing
A winter escape
A reef to explore

Don’s email arrived
Could I help?

Duty called.

At my age
Nature most often calls.

I welcomed the change

The keys,
I forgot the keys

“We will leave it open.”
The Director says
and they did

The best laid plans

A well-meaning Samaritan
security conscious
made sure
all was well

The door
does not budge

The temperature

My friends due to arrive
any minute
will expect
a warm reception

Phone a friend

but unable to help
having done all she could
and all she promised

Phone home.

“Use the library,” she says
Borders has coffee
I counter

It’s not yet winter
but who can tell?

Canberra nights
do not make good bedfellows
they do encourage you
to look for one

I huddle in wait
knowing coffee
will ease the burdens
of a writer’s group
minus an agenda

We could not visit humour
yet humour visits me
in a darkened doorway

Six thirty comes
I order coffee
for one

I never intended to be here

Duty done
Nature calls


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