Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Transparent beauty

Often our poems tell stories that lie deep within our own thoughts, other times we describe the vision that greets our eyes. We combine two images into one and dream of the illusion it creates. These poems can give rise to vigorous discussions when a poet hits the right note between the obvious and the underlying.

Transparent Visions

The rising sun transforms the veil
Sheer and free flowing
Accentuating the magnificence
Painted on a mountainous background
Familiar silhouettes reach out
Giving hope and promise
They will penetrate the winter mist
Loosely covering the tantalizing ranges
Proud and unimposing
Ravenous they beguile
Gliding down the undulation
No attempt to hide the seduction
Underbrush, wild in nature
Trimmed to perfect shapes
Hidden only from the blind
Behind no more than nylon and lace
Rivers run freely
Driven by nature’s urge
Calling to the animal
Wild and optimistic
That sight will transform
Beckoned to be touched
Until mind and picture embrace
Merging their treasures into one

© Bernard J Rossi

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